1. Spending time in prayer and studying my Bible
    I used to be super disciplined in this area but life and distractions have become priority over actually spending time with my heavenly Father
  2. Transparent community
    I have some amazing people in my life but none of them live where I live. I would give anything to have a mix of guys and girls to hang with that we're honest about their struggles and encouraged one another/hold accountable/ love with grace
  3. Hurt
    I got my feeling hurt by the Lord and I'm still recovering. It has affected my trust in the Lord which is abnormal for me. He is showing himself crazy faithful and gracious despite my distance
  4. Growth
    Have you ever felt stuck in life? I'm there and I'm ready for growth and change. It's coming but when you go from full time ministry to a regular life where you're focused on paying off student loans it feels like life is at a halt
  5. Idols
    Since I haven't been spending time with the Lord I have been running to my idol of comfort which usually takes form in food, porn and masterbation. It's a miserable idol that leaves you empty and never satisfied. The amount of weight I've gained is embarrassing and for whatever reason it's been hard to break ties to what I find comfort in and instead find peace, rest, and joy in the Father
  6. Pride
    I'm too prideful to ask the Lord to help me. I feel like I should be able to do it myself. I know this is false. Humility has been missing from my heart for a while