Five things to talk about today

May 17th 2016
  1. 1.
    Giant New England Fireball
    Relax its only a meteor
  2. 2.
    J.K. Rowling stands with Trump
    Actually not really she orates that Trump while a bigot is practicing his right to free speech and in that same right she can call him a bigot. She goes on to show banning Trumps entry into the U.K. is a slippery slope of lost rights
  3. 3.
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    It's getting a facelift reboot thanks to Fox
  4. 4.
    Prison Break is getting a Break
    There will be a mini event series of the show to look forward to
  5. 5.
    Rick Ross the Rapper (Grunter) will be giving out scholarships through his chain of chicken wing store to urban students