Breaking Down the Design of the New Crest!

The crest has always embodied the spirit of U.S. Soccer. It’s the manifestation of what the team is all about – the representation of our team, our fans, and our country on the world’s stage.
  1. With the unveiling of our new crest, U.S. Soccer starts the process of igniting a new beginning that unites our federation and our fans. It represents limitless possibilities for what the sport is today and will become in America.
  2. We are always thinking about how to stay progressive and cutting-edge both on- and off-the-pitch. During the last few years, we’ve been focused on developing a new look, and we’ve been collaborating with our partners at Nike to create the best new crest and design for our fans.
  3. The crest finds its strength in its simplicity...
  4. A crest with 13 vertical stripes of red and white under a blue field is a traditional American style.
  5. 7 red and 6 white stripes comes from our flag, demonstrating that the crest is rooted in the history of our nation.
  6. Takes the traditional field of blue to celebrate the three most important letters in the vocabulary of our fans, from stadiums to watch parties to the local bar – U.S.A.
  7. It no longer features stars. In soccer tradition they are placed above the logo to represent World Cup victories. Our WNT crest will prominently feature the three stars we have earned.
  8. Stays true to our nation’s colors with shades of red and blue drawn straight from the flag.
  9. The new crest does not include the soccer ball that has been featured in the past. We represent our country both on the field and off.
  10. This design embodies the spirit of U.S. Soccer, but it also transcends our teams and the game. It’s uniquely and unmistakably American.