Did you know that the United States Soccer Federation is represented by more than just the #USMNT? Check it out...
  1. U-23 MNT
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    The U-23 MNT is the team that is eligible to compete in the Olympics. The U-23s took third in the Olympic Qualifying tournament last month and are preparing for a home and away playoff in March against Colombia, where they’ll look to earn their spot in the #Rio2016 Olympic Games.
  2. U-20 MNT
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    The U-20s competed in the U-20 World Cup in New Zealand this summer, advancing all the way to the Quarterfinals where they were narrowly defeated by eventual champion Serbia in a penalty shootout. The U-20s have also traveled to Germany, Serbia, Australia, Austria, England, Jamaica and Honduras this year representing the USA in multiple international tournaments.
  3. U-19 MNT
    One of two new youth national teams added in 2015, they are preparing to start playing international competition.
  4. U-18 MNT
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    Plays in various international tournaments (recently the Open Nordic Cup) and friendlies.
  5. U-17 MNT
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    The U-17s just got back from Chile where they competed in the U-17 World Cup. Based in Bradenton, Fla., the team lives there full time, training and going to school.
  6. U-16 BNT
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    The U-16s recently played in the Four Nations Cup in Netherlands, a prestigious tournament comprised of some of Europe’s top youth teams. There the USA competed against Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Ireland.
  7. U-15 BNT
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    In May the U-15’s defeated Austria 3-2 to win the renowned Tournament delle Nazioni. The team defeated Italy, Croatia and Costa Rica on their way to the title. 48 players were recently called up for a domestic training camp in Carson, CA.