Wnt Wins the Concacaf Olympic Qualifying Championship

The win marks the fourth consecutive title in this tournament for the USA which has the longest unbeaten streak in CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying history and an overall 18-0-1 record. The USA earned its berth to the 2016 Olympics by defeating Trinidad & Tobago in the semifinal on Feb. 19. Here's how they got there... #RoadToRio
  1. U.S. WNT vs. Costa Rica, Wins 5-0
  2. U.S. WNT vs. Mexico, Wins 1-0... Clinches Semis
  3. U.S. WNT vs. Puerto Rico- Wins 10-0 (yes, 10-0)... Secures top spot in Group A
  4. U.S. WNT vs. Trinidad & Tobago, Wins 5-0... Qualifies for the Olympics!!! #RoadToRio
  5. U.S. WNT vs. Canada, Win 2-0... And win the tournament for the 4th consecutive time!