1. Self-proclaimed traveler of the world🤗
    I would of course share all of my experiences with whoever want to know about them, but just to be able to go anywhere and everywhere would be my ultimate dream!!!!
  2. Start a company that sells products to teach REAL world history✊🏿
  3. Open youth centers around the world to help all children achieve their goals in life and provide any basic needs that they may lack in their home lives.
  4. Be a coach for a sports team, particularly college or pro!!!!
    I actually would not care which sport it was because I believe I can coach almost any sport, but I would want to make sure I am catching the youth in their transition to adulthood and make sure not only are they great with their skills, but great in their lives for all future generations to come!!!
  5. Broadway Star!!!
    I always wanted to sing, dance, and act on Broadway and I would totally train and make that happen if I could!