House Plants!!! 🍃🌸

My house plants!
  1. My Angel Wing Begonia is going crazy!
  2. Angel Wing Begonia, first flower blooms since I have had it! This plant was originally my Great grandma Emily's who lived in Oklahoma . My great Grandma Navel then got a cutting from that plant and took home to Illinois, many years later my mom brought me, grandma, and herself home a cutting back to Oklahoma!
  3. African Violet!
  4. I love my two tone African Violet Flowers!
  5. My Surprising Devil's Ivy! Mine is cuttings from my grandma's plant, which is 18 years old!
  6. My Mother In Laws Tongue! It needs some work lol!
  7. My Peace Lilly!
  8. Peace Lilly!
  9. My newest addition! Its a Ponytail Palm