Things I'll never understand

There is so much in this world I'll never understand! Here is a few of them.
  1. Cheating is probably my number one thing that I'll never be able to understand. It's not hard not to cheat, just tell the person your with your not happy. It's that easy. Leave them, don't cheat on them.
  2. People not wanting to see and be around their family. Like really, it's not to hard to pick up the phone and shoot a text here and there. It's actually something you should want to do.
  3. I'll never understand why some people don't understand or like strong women. Everyone in the world should have at least one strong woman in their life. I know I have two of them in my grandma and my mom!
  4. Racism- I'll never understand racism... How can people judge people by their skin? I will never understand.
  5. Homewreckers- I'm recently discovered this applies to more than just the other woman... It can also be a person who doesn't care about the feelings of others in a household. Those people do things to demolish everything in a good family.
  6. Ungratefulness—- I've seen this so many times... And it's sad... Really sad. I just don't get some people logic I guess