I love scripted TV. I'll watch anything for at least 3 episodes. If you want to hang, you gotta be able to talk TV on my level.
  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    My first TV love. So strong. So vulnerable. Team Spike.
  2. Dawson's Creek
    Came out at the height of my teenaged angst. I would still marry Pacey.
  3. True Detective Season 1
    Height of the McConnaissance and a truly remarkable story.
  4. Breaking Bad
    Walter White is the villain. So few shows tell their stories through that lens.
  5. 30 Rock
    I'm a mix of Liz and Jack. And I'm always working on my night cheese.
  6. Parks and Recreation
    Leslie Knope is an inspiration.
  7. Pushing Daisies
    Dark and cute. It's the same feeling as the Addams Family movies but with Lee Pace.
  8. Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23
    Dawson is the moon!
  9. The X-Files
    I dedicated a year of my life to watching this show. Time well spent. Scully is queen. Mulder does a sexy Elvis impersonation. Seasons 1-6 & 10 rule.
  10. Game of Thrones
    TV at its highest peak. The budgets and costumes alone are remarkable but then throw in the insane plot twists and intense character development. Probably the greatest show ever.