What's in a name? It's important to note that our mission has always been the same: prepare, respond, recover, mitigate. But our name has changed from time to time. Changes were mostly due to national trends in the emergency world. Here are our names through the years:
  1. Division of Comprehensive Emergency Management
    What started at the Utah Council of Defense in 1919 was codified as a state agency as the Division of Comprehensive Emergency Management in 1980. The name would stick until 2002.
  2. Division of Emergency Services and Homeland Security
    After 9/11, state agencies across the country began adopting a moniker that included Homeland Security, to coincide with the formation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Our acronym was DESHS, which inconveniently sounded like "dishes." This was our name until 2005.
  3. Division of Homeland Security
    From 2005 until 2011, we went by the unforgettable name of Homeland Security. We accomplished great things during that time, but a little known fact is how much confusion there was, especially concerning the distinct roles of local, state and federal government. We received numerous phone calls over the years of people who wanted us to deal with immigration issues and airport security or to deport their neighbors (all federal government responsibilities). Some of that confusion still exists.
  4. Division of Emergency Management (current)
    So, here we are today. As of this writing, we have been the Division of Emergency Management for nearly 5 years. We help our state prepare for, response to, recover from and mitigate the effects of disaster. We offer great training, great conferences and great partnerships for the public safety community. If you read this far, thanks for walking down memory lane with us! Dem.utah.gov