5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

So, I closed my eyes and swiped up and down a bunch and then poked my phone a couple times and these were the first 5 I landed on. Realizing it's also pulling from my "screen saver" iCloud photos so some of these are hella old. Weirdly, no photos of my nieces, which I think outnumber photos of other things about 3:1.
  1. Me and @adriannap
    Yay! Off to a good start. I love this pic. We're goofing around in leather masks made by our very talented friend Eden Bachelder. Go find her on Etsy, she makes awesome things!
  2. A selfie I don't like
    Aw man. I was tempted to skip this but it seemed dishonest. Sometimes I snap selfies while I'm watching tv. Guessing I was watching something boring based on my expression?
  3. Family!
    My sister-in-law, mom and littlest bro blowing out the candles on their birthday cake a couple years ago (why do I have such old photos on here??)
  4. Work friends!
    My buddy Dave, who I work with at an office job, is also a very talented musician who plays gigs at a great bar near our office. When we walked by at lunch, Sean and I decided to fan-girl at him.
  5. A fire!
    The fireplace at my parents place. They're about to put the house on the market and I'm gutted about it. Gonna miss it a lot.