Choosing beach reads - an important task! These were suggested to me - any to add? I'm not so into fluff, but it's a beach so let's not get too dark.
  1. The Expanse - James SA Corey
    A sci-fi series recommended by a Twitter friend
  2. Selfish, shallow, self-absorbed - edited by Meghan Daum
    An series of essays by writers on deciding not to have kids. Recommended by a co-working. Kinda like the idea of reaffirming my life choices while I lie on a beach?
  3. I Was Told There Would Be Cake - Sloane Crosley
    Or anything by this author. Funny on a beach definitely work! Recommended by a good friend.
  4. Something by Katherine Mansfield
    My own suggestion. I've only read "Bliss and other stories" but read it many times. She had a couple other collections. Should try to find them.
  5. One of Carrie Fisher's novels
    I've never read any of them. Loving her in the media these days, she's cutting and smart and funny. Seems like they're worth checking out.