Fave Pics of My Nieces Sleeping

Last year my brother and sister-in-law welcomed 2 baby girls into the family. They immediately stole my hearts. I have never loved anyone or anything more than these kids.
  1. 4:30am the day L & Z were born. The first time I ever held them, they were maybe asleep but most certainly had their eyes closed and were the most perfect things I'd ever seen.
  2. A pic my brother sent me that made me cry with its sweetness
  3. Littlest nuggets snoozing in the shade on a sunny summer day
  4. L passed out on my knee.
  5. Z's adorable mid-nap yawn in my lap with her sis snoozing in the background
  6. L napping
  7. Z fell sleep in my arms while I was eating dinner a few weeks ago.