I started this list ages ago, and right now I'm glad I kept it in drafts because I desperately need breaks from anger and despair right now. Taking a few minutes to focus on little signs of the good still left in the world helps, at least for a moment.
  1. Seeing someone carrying two cups of coffee early in the morning
  2. A stranger helping carry a stroller or mobility device or large bundles onto a streetcar for another stranger
  3. Watching a person coo at a stranger's baby on the subway
  4. The man down the hall who puts his paper on the lobby table every morning after he's done with it, so someone else can read it.
    Always folded back up so neatly!
  5. Watching someone SO excited about someone's dog work up the courage to approach, exchange a few words with the owner and then absolutely light up as they pet the dog.
    Bonus points if it starts an animated exchange of adorable dog stories between the two people.
  6. Anyone carrying a bouquet of flowers anywhere.
    Usually means someone is on their way to brighten someone's day or they've had their day brightened.
  7. Group activities in public spaces.
    Sports, a drum circle, a giant family picnic - doesn't matter. These showings of community are one of the things I love about my city.
  8. Clever joke posters hung on telephone poles and community boards
    The nice ones, that are funny and not at all mean. Someone took the time to make that and hang it up for no reason other than to make strangers smile.
  9. Little free libraries
    A few have popped up in the neighbourhood - they're all so different looking, clearly so much care went into constructing them. And they're being used!
  10. The darling old man who always nods and touches his cap to me when we cross paths in the morning.
    He must go for a walk every morning. He walks in a determined manner, with his hands clasped behind his back.
  11. I'm going to keep my eye out for more!
    Let me know if you come across any random little things that brighten your day!