I realize Tinder amplifies my inner-judgey-bitch but (most of) these I will defend vehemently as just good sense. The second I see any of these - swipe left.
  1. Your lead photo is you with a pack of girls in some bar / club / party setting
  2. You are holding a gun in one of your photos
    Actually, any weapon (even if it might be a prop) will probably have the same result.
  3. Your "About" is full of positive affirmations and adages
  4. You've posed with an exotic animal that's clearly been sedated (or extra alarmingly - might be dead)
  5. You are wearing a fedora or a hat one might mistake for a fedora in any photo
  6. I find your sunglasses douchey
    If you are wearing them in every. single. photo. I will find them douchey.
  7. Gym selfies
  8. You write too enthusiastically about the outdoors / being active / the gym / running
    If you say you're a personal trainer I may have swiped left so hard I dropped my phone.
  9. Motorcycles
    Sure they can be hot for a second... But somehow in this context - immediate "no thanks".
  10. More than one photo of a dog I will assume is yours
    I am a cat person. I am not sorry.
  11. You have no photos and have written nothing about yourself.
    I thought this was too obvious to list but lately it's like an epidemic. Make at least the bare minimum of effort, please!
  12. Your lead photo is an inanimate objects
    Yes, this includes sunsets.