I struggle with pretty bad recurring insomnia. But doctor has prescribed these pills that knock me right on my ass, to use sparlingly when my fatigue is making it hard to function. No more than 1 a week, no more than 2 a month.
  1. So, tonight it's sleeping pill night. First step - prep for as much as possible as my mental faculties will fail quickly once it's down the hatch.
  2. I took it about 20 minute ago, and it has kicked in.
  3. I know this because a few minutes ago, I was all "frack why can't I walk straight, why is my head so heavy?" And then I remembered swallowing the little thing an few minutes prior. Because it always make me forget I took it.
  4. My limbs are starting to feel like they've been replaced with sandbags so hopefully I've done all the bedtime things that need to get done before I'm out. But there's always something I miss.
  5. Toothpaste! I forgot to brush my teeth. Now I'm brushing my teeth in what feels like slow motion. And then I almost swallowed some Listerine.
  6. Then something else happened but at this point I don't know. But I'm in bed.
  7. I'm just listing from bed, relying dangerously on autocorrect for much of this (the pills are good at their job)
  8. But crap damnit I'm not wearing pjs, this is is the dress I had on all evening.
  9. Okay my limbs all still work but feel hella weird. Operation High PJ find - lets go
  10. Whoa sitting up was hard! This iPad is getting super heavy.
  11. Holy shit my arms and leg are full of sand. But I have extracted PJs
  12. Getting them on my body was another matter. Fell down once, knocked a thing of the way (it's metal, it's fine)
  13. Ok back in bed with PJs
  14. The darkness is coming really soon so I should put this down
  15. Will no doubt be mortified but this tomorrow (mostly assuming so many typos)
  16. Ggggnnnnnghttttt 😴💤💤💤💤💤
  17. Giphy