I struggle with insomnia and tonight is a particularly bad bout
  1. Toss and turn until I'm comfortable again
    Only works on the easy nights
  2. Re-fluff my pillows
    Back pain is often the culprit - make sure I have one between my knees
  3. Scroll through ListApp, Twitter and Tumblr
    I know this is bad but if it's a "mind-racing" kind of awake it helps distract me
  4. Rearrange my bedding.
    After getting tangled from tossing and turning, it helps
  5. A few laps around my apartment and stretching
    Also helps with back pain
  6. Get out of bed to watch TV
    Only on the worst nights. They are rare. Tonight is one. I'm on my 3rd episode of Bones (crime procedurals smooth me, I dunno)
  7. Hit the point when I start figuring out how to make tomorrow as easy as possible and hope tomorrow I can get some sleep.