Generally I'm pretty good about snacking. I can keep lots of stuff in my apartment and eat it in normal amounts like a responsible adult. Except for these things, which have never lasted more than 24 hours on my presence.
  1. Lightly salted Lays potato chips
    Full salt, I have no issues with. But there's something about this particular potato to salt ratio that I am powerless to resist.
  2. Strawberry marshmallows
    This on is kinda embarrassing. Objectively I know they're disgustingly sweet but I am powerless to resist. I will eat a whole bag and then spend the next 48 hours regretting my life choices.
  3. Junior mints
    Who can blame me though?
  4. Snack sized Mounds
    I never buy full sized chocolate bars because I always convince myself that then I can just have one little one every now and then... Nope. Blessedly these are hard to find in Toronto.