What July Looks Like In My Phone

Maybe not the most interesting list but July has been so great so far, and there's so much more fun on the horizon! So I wanted to capture it, so I can revel in it now and remember it later. ❤️
  1. Canada Day! 🇨🇦No better way to celebrate than with the cutest kids running around like maniacs, as all kids should from time to time.
  2. Fam jam at the beach! My parents sold The Homestead, and have settled into a cute bungalow near the beach, so I'm hoping there will be lots more days like this. This particular outing was part of my nieces' 2nd birthday party! 🎈
  3. I cannot believe they are two!!! 😭They are currently obsessed with Moana, which made for the perfect birthday party theme.
  4. My hair always seems to be it's best when I'm working from home and have no plans to see anyone. A wise friend pointed out this is exactly what sharing selfies on the internet was made for! 💁🏻
  5. Tilly the office dog! (I am so lucky to work in a dog friendly office!)
  6. New Broken Social Scene on vinyl!! One of my favourite bands - over the moon to have new music from them.
  7. Where I spend my work from home days when it's nice out (hoping to get to do that a lot more this month!)
  8. The view from the train on my way back home, after a weekend up north visiting my family. This will be a common site this summer! 🚂