I'm considering buying property for a cabin in the woods in northern Ontario. Went on an exploratory trip today with my dad. Saw the following:
  1. A deer
    Briefly on the side of the road before it disappeared into the woods. Super cute!
  2. Lots of blackflies
    Little baby ones. They don't bite but they swarm you and try to fly in your mouth and up your nose. Super gross!
  3. A hawk
    Gliding over a lake. So pretty!
  4. A lot of birds I am not knowledgable enough to identify
    Also so pretty!
  5. And the best one - a baby moose!!
    It was still so big!! It ran ahead of us on the road as we crept slowly behind it in the car, before dashing off into the woods. All I got was some blurry photos of its but. I've never seen a moose in the wild before. I am now finally (having been born and raised here) a for reals, authentic Canadian.