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  1. Bought a bunch of cinder blocks to build manly stuff
  2. Photo I took of faith no more @ the electric factory in philly
  3. Photo of my drum set up
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One part Navy Brat. One part student. One part Nomad.
  1. Portsmouth, Virginia
  2. Goose Creek, South Carolina
  3. Providence, Rhode Island
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  1. We have a plan for you... just not that.
  2. We have a plan for you... just wait
  3. We have a plan for you but first you need to...
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The title says it all! I've had a long beard for over a year... not till recently have I began to compile a list of questions and comments I've ran into.
  1. Isn't hot in the summer?
  2. Does you wife like it?
  3. Doesn't it itch?
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