1. The Squid and the Whale
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    When one of your family members has brought an age-inappropriate love interest to dinner and everybody is uncomfortable.
  2. The Source Family
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    When you’re pretty sure your cousin has joined a cult and is about to recruit everyone over dinner.
  3. The Family Stone
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    When everybody has run out of things to talk about and the panic is about to set in.
  4. Almost Famous
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    When you’re unemployed and every conversation begins with, “So what’s next for you?”
  5. Fanny and Alexander
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    When your mom introduces you to her new boyfriend, and he is terrible.
  6. August: Osage County
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    When nobody at the table is capable of speaking to each other without things ending in a wrestling match on the dining-room floor.
  7. Eyes Without a Face
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    When your brother’s gotten some questionable plastic surgery and everybody is falling all over themselves trying not to mention it.
  8. The Royal Tenenbaums
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    When you’ve decided to leave your significant other for someone totally inappropriate but are trying to keep it on the D.L. during the holidays.
  9. Days of Heaven
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    When your sister won’t stop complaining about how your Thanksgiving meal isn’t locally sourced and you don’t have the energy to defend Costco any further.
  10. Home Alone
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    When you’re a small child and your family accidentally leaves you home alone while they travel across the world and there are two crooks attempting to break into your home and steal your family’s valuables and cause you bodily harm.