As an independent beauty consultant who doesn't do parties but has sold the product for almost ten years I have found so many reasons the products offered by this company are amazing.
  1. I am hosting my first online party!!!
  2. I have started a Facebook page to share all about the products I love.
  3. At 34 I am still mistaken for someone in my mid-twenties and I attribute that to great skin care products.
  4. They have the best oil-free eye makeup remover I have ever found.
  5. A weekly microdermabrasion using the kit has kept my skin so soft.
  6. The mascara is fantastic. #lashlove
  7. I can use one eye color and it blends so well across my eyelids it looks like I have on 3 colors which took me 20 minutes to create.
  8. I can have a 5-minute makeup face that rivals any other cosmetic brand.
  9. I feel beautiful when I wear this makeup and take care of my skin.
  10. Satin hands set keeps my hands so baby soft.
  11. Satin lips have kept my lips exfoliated and Kissable! (For my amazing hubby)
  12. I get to sell products I love to people I love and watch as they enjoy having great skin and feel beautiful.
  13. We celebrate beauty that comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Women and men are created in the image of God and should be celebrated.
  14. The lip gloss is incredible. I own basically every color and have found that regardless of skin tone I have been able to wear nude, clear and even an orange tone with no problem.
  15. The foundation is amazing. It takes very little to create a perfect amount of coverage. The powder is an excellent compliment to any liquid foundation. I find I use the translucent powder most because it takes away any shine and makes my skin look flawless.