I moved to Waco in 2008 to attend Truett Seminary at Baylor University. Since moving to Waco I have met my husband and started a family, enjoyed serving in multiple ministry positions and finally bought a house. There are so many things about this community and people that make Waco and incredible place to live. Here are a few.
  1. People of Waco are friendly, welcoming and so unique.
  2. The air smells amazing.
    Coca-cola and Mars are always cooking up something sweet.
  3. The downtown area is fantastic.
    Downtown Waco is filled with places like the Magnolia Market, tons of boutique-like shops, a farmers market, great loft living and beautiful historic buildings.
  4. There are SO MANY CHURCHES!
    To some this is discouraging but it also means that finding that place where you fit in and can build community is very do-able.
  5. This is a city filled with givers.
    There are non-profit organizations for many causes and philanthropic work taking place constantly.
  6. The scenery is incredible.
    From the historic homes, churches and buildings to the wide open spaces, parks and trees there is no limit to the places a photographer can take amazing photos.
  7. This is a fashion-forward, quirky and comfy city where you can basically wear anything and fit right in!
  8. Common Grounds - a coffee shop where I just so happened to meet my amazing husband.
    This place has quirky and fun indoor seating, a covered side patio and a massive back yard with a stage for performances and open-mic nights. They also cater and have a food truck which can often be found at Magnolia Market.
  9. The music scene!
    If Indie artists are your thing you will have no problem finding some musicians playing in town. Big names come to town too but on any given afternoon or night you can find someone playing in the backyard of Common Grounds, outdoor BBQ restaurants and the bars/eateries downtown.
  10. The food.
    I don't even know where to begin. Whatever your taste buds are craving can be found in Waco. (A more detailed list to come)
  11. The affordability.
    Moving to Waco, relocating within the city and buying a home are all very do-able with the cost of living here. As many have seen on the show Fixer Upper, houses are reasonably priced compared to many cities on both the east and west coast. Renting is also affordable here too.
  12. The educational opportunities.
    Cities surrounding Waco including places such as Hewitt/Woodway, and Crawford have great school systems. Baylor University is incredible and the campus is beautiful. The same can be said about MCC which has partnered with universities across Texas to bring 4-year degrees to their campus. If you are seeking after a technical education TSTC is available. There are several private schools with Christian curriculum & charter schools like Rapoport Academy which is an early college High School.