To start off 2016 (wow it's quite crazy thinking that it's a new year), I look back at all the mistakes I've done though out 2015 and improve on from them to become a more positive and motivated individual. So here's my list of possible ways to look up to during this year:
  1. Use the calendar more effectively
    In all honesty, I rarely touched my calendar on my phone. Regardless of it being psychically in front of you or through the virtual world of technology, I will use my calendar more effectively by utilizing noting down the daily tasks.
  2. When starting something, make sure you finish
    Yeah, I started on a lot of stuff throughout 2015 that I didn't finish at the end of that year. So, from this point on, I will update my progression on what I've started to make sure I will fulfill the goal.
  3. Focus on my health
    Throughout my high school years, I ran... A lot. I solely relies on that as my way to compensate from the amount of food I would eat on a daily basis. Was I eating unhealthy food? Yes, but I burned off all those calories by running. Ever since I graduated, I haven't been running and to be honest, I gained weight... Too much weight. Referring back to the first two bullets, I will utilize those ideas with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Be happy
    Self explanatory. I never was quite happy primarily because of this bond I had with this individual. Well, she's gone I guess so it's time for me to move on and fulfill a more positive and happier life. Thanks kiddo.
  5. Study study study study
    Im currently enrolled in college and this is no time for me to slack off. I can't take the easy way out of life; I must go head-on a clash with the difficult obstacles along the way, one obstacle being studies and whatnot.