1. The Lumia 950
  2. The Lumia 950 XL
    A really big version of the Lumia 950
  3. The Lumia 550
    A cheap version of the Lumia 950
  4. The Display Dock
    A thing to plug your Lumia 950 into (which makes your phone into a PC via magic).
  5. The Surface Pro 4
    A new volley in THE TABLET WARS
  6. Facebook apps for Windows 10
    Facebook is Microsoft's best friend.
  7. Surface Accessories
    A good opportunity to make fun of Apple for making a "Pencil" "with no eraser."
  8. The new Microsoft Band
    It's not a smartwatch. Are you ever really excited just because something is NOT a smartwatch? Same.
  9. Hololens
    Someone wore a hologram on stage, it was pretty cool.
  10. The Surface Book
    A laptop. But, a weird one. A really nice laptop. But, you know, weird.