Take a moment to cry for no reason.
  1. Rihanna and Drake's TWO music videos for "Work"
    Drake is a small toad. Rihanna is so beautiful it hurts.
  2. The backwards version of Kanye West's "Waves" is even more beautiful than the forward version
    So beautiful, you guys!!! And on the other hand: both involve Chris Brown to a degree.
  3. Boston Dynamics' new robot, which is capable of striding through snow, picking up boxes, opening doors, and — by the looks of things — one day murdering humans
  4. Google's new AI doesn't need geotags to figure out where a picture was taken
    This will be very helpful for your Instagram but I'm sure you can also imagine a House of Cards plot in which this really messes up someone's day
  5. New York's MTA has new cartoon posters explaining its hoverboard ban
    Screen shot 2016 02 25 at 3.55.56 pm
    On the one hand: hoverboards are dangerous, and you shouldn't have them on the train. On the other hand: since when have the MTA's cartoon posters prevented any sort of behavior?
  6. Amazon now has seven in-house fashion labels
    These clothes will be: Affordable? Probably Convenient to acquire? Yes Basic? Oh, totally
  7. Uber has launched a motorcycle service in Bangkok
    Motorcycles are cool. Motorcycles are very dangerous. Uber is cool. Uber is very dangerous.
  8. Facebook now acknowledges the existence of six different human emotions
    I have no idea what emotion that makes me feel
  9. Joe Biden is going to introduce Lady Gaga at the Oscars
    Unlikely friendships are amazing. At the same time: why is this happening?
  10. The Oscars are on Sunday
    Beautiful gowns! At the same time: extreme boredom.