Monday is going to be a big day for very small objects
  1. A smaller iPhone
    Multiple analysts and news outlets have reported that Apple has been at work on a new 4-inch iPhone, its first since the iPhone 5S in 2013. It's likely to be a mashup of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6.
  2. A smaller iPad Pro
    9to5Mac reports that, like the 12.9-inch Pro unveiled last year, this new 9.7-inch model will have four speakers, stylus support, additional RAM and a faster processor, and be available in a 128GB storage capacity. And then there's the really key difference: it's reported to have a connector on its side for attaching a keyboard case, which is a big part of what lets the iPad Pro transform into more than a standard iPad.
  3. New Apple Watch bands
    Potentially bands made out of new materials or in partnership with additional high-fashion brands, as it did with Hermès. Hopefully not as ugly and expensive this time!
  4. Maybe an iOS update
    Few people will be able to use the most important changes in iOS 9.3. Apple is adding a series of education features, including the ability to create profiles for multiple students on a single iPad, tools for managing a iPads across a school, and the ability for teachers to launch specific apps and websites on a classroom of iPads and check in on each student to see that they're following along. It's a key launch for Apple, which needs to keep improving the iPad experience to take on Chromebooks
  5. Some encryption talk
    Possibly firing back at comments made by President Obama at SXSW. Even if Cook doesn't say more than he's previously said, this is a key opportunity to get Apple's voice out ahead of the case's next development.
  6. (Probably) no MacBooks or OS X
    All three of Apple's laptops — the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro — are due for an upgrade, but we're probably going to have to keep waiting.