Tech brand struggles, tech brand hires a celebrity to help save itself, tech brand and celebrity eventually part ways. Tale as old as time.
  1. January 2005: HP puts Gwen Stefani on the design team
    Gwen designed her own digital camera, and covered it with a very Ed Hardy font.
  2. January 2010: Polaroid hires Lady Gaga to be its creative director
    A feature story in V Magazine was adorned with scans of Polaroid pictures of Gaga, Polaroid showed up in her video for "Telephone" and she often tweeted behind-the-scenes photos of her working on Polaroid projects. But Polaroid didn't make a cultural comeback and she was dropped from her position in 2014.
  3. January 2013: Alicia Keys is hired as BlackBerry's global creative director
    One month after the hire, Keys tweeted from an iPhone, which she defended by claiming she'd been hacked.
  4. May 2013: Jennifer Lopez becomes chief creative officer of Verizon's Viva Movil
    For all her celebrity, Lopez was apparently never able to get the word out about what Viva Movil actually was. "More than one customer has come in asking for coffee," a Viva employee told CNET in 2014.
  5. October 2013: Lenovo hires Ashton Kutcher to be a product engineer
    Kutcher helped develop and market the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. It was actually fine, and better than his Pop Chips partnership.
  6. January 2014: will.i.am is named chief creative officer of 3D Systems
    “Now we’re getting into a whole new territory. Moses comes down with the 10 Commandments and says ‘Thou shalt not.’ He didn’t say shit about 3D printing.” — will.i.am
  7. December 2015: Nick Cannon becomes RadioShack's chief creative officer
    Who knows what the future may hold. It is surprising that the present holds RadioShack and a Nick Cannon renaissance!