Charles Bolden is an artist
  1. This was always supposed to be temporary
  2. This was meant to be a stopgap
  3. For the final time
  4. Moscow ... Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota
  5. It's like we keep ordering expensive takeout
  6. Because we haven't set up the kitchen
  7. But the takeout is hundreds of millions of dollars
  8. There has never been a vehicle
  9. Like spacecraft
  10. The beauty of an airplane
  11. The capacity of
  12. The greatest country on Earth
  13. American soil
  14. Then Mars
  15. Most recently, Pluto
  16. But it would be difficult to overstate
  17. The moon
  18. We need to build a new generation of
  19. The moon
  20. We should invest in ourselves
  21. We are the country that kissed the moon