In HBO's preview of the year to come, they showed many seconds of old Game of Thrones footage, and three seconds of new Game of Thrones footage. Blessed day, we are grateful for your blessings.
  1. Daenerys Targaryen, in the wild. Hair: wild.
    Dany chucked her Meereenese wedding ring into the grass when she saw the Dothraki horde approaching at the end of season five (potentially as a breadcrumb for her friends, potentially to hide that she had remarried after Khal Drogo), but she's kept an unwieldy looking Targaryen neckpiece. If anyone knows why, let us know. Looks uncomfortable, and the dragon she is standing near would probably suffice to establish her identity.
  2. Ramsay Bolton, leading Bolton troops. Expression: inscrutable, as he is as much of a sociopath as ever.
    Spy drone shots (2015!) of the Game of Thrones sets have shown a lot of Ramsay, not a lot of Roose. And now here is Ramsay leading the troops. Where is Roose? How is Roose? Is Roose off thinking of more witty one-liners for when he betrays handsome men at weddings? How long until Ramsay murders him, is what I'm asking.
  3. Cersei Lannister, hugging son Tommen. Hair: bowl cut.
    Cersei had a rough haircut towards the end of season five, but it seems to be growing out nicely aka horribly. Just like her revenge schemes, I would imagine.
  4. *possibly* New shot of Drogon burning a city to the ground. Vibe: GET READY.
    Maybe this is a minority opinion, but I couldn't give two figs about what the dragons are doing, literally ever. This is a show about people and ice zombies and wolves that walk funny!!!
  5. Voiceover: "There is power in you, do you feel it?" Voice: Melisandre aka The Red Woman aka Person Who Asked Jon Snow if He Was a Virgin For I Guess Flirting Reasons? Not A Great Flirt
    This voiceover plays over an old shot of Jon Snow. She came galloping back to the Wall before Stannis' dumb battle was even over, so it's not impossible that she's come to give everyone's favorite bastard the kiss of life. Just so long as that's where the kissing stops, okay.