Heinous overhype.
  1. "LG innovations make consumers smart, because they make their lives better" — LG
    By this logic, One Direction is sending my IQ through the roof.
  2. "We care very deeply about the things that matter most to our customers" — TIME WARNER CABLE
    Unless you count bandwidth or net neutrality or affordable pricing or competition in the marketplace.
  3. "We certainly hope to wow you with what's next.” — SONY
    A camcorder was next.
  4. "There is no limitation as to what [this washing machine] can actually do." — LG
    This is a very bold claim for a washing machine. Maybe the boldest claim you could make about a washing machine.
  5. "[Intel] was able to completely redefine the firework experience" — INTEL
    They made some fake fireworks using a bunch of drones. Fireworks are still fireworks, until we hear otherwise.
  6. "Now let's talk about innovation in front-loading washers!" — SAMSUNG
    No, thank you.
  7. "It's basically nine deep neural nets nested within itself.” — NVIDIA
    This sounds cool, until you realize you don't know what it means and you're not supposed to.
  8. "Any other commercial drone out there would have crashed into a tree." — INTEL
    I suspect this is not true!
  9. "The smart home is a very interesting area.” — QUALCOMM
    Lol, okay.
  10. "The car will be the most important device on the Internet." — VOLKSWAGEN