The video for "Drag Me Down" was filmed at a real NASA facility and there's stuff in it
  1. Harry Styles
  2. Astronaut outfits (real)
  3. Johnson Space Center
  4. Houston (kind of)
  5. Airplane hangar
  6. T-38 Talon supersonic jets
  7. Liam Payne
  8. Footage from an Orion crew capsule promo video
  9. NASA engineers
  10. Louis Tomlinson
  11. 3D rendering of a Delta IV (but painted blue)
  12. Whispers of the United Launch Alliance aka the military industrial complex
  13. Inspiration for aspiring young astronauts and rocket launch faking cinematographers
  14. Robonaut 2
  15. Niall Horan
  16. Niall Horan's shredded skinny jeans
  17. A jacket that Harry Styles wears kind of a lot
  18. The Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle (might go to Mars)
  19. Not Zayn Malik
  20. Some exercise equipment