Requested by @dev Full disclosure: these were taken by other members of the crew during our shoot (specifically Alexa Elliott- who is amazing) for an upcoming episode of Changing Seas. But please enjoy the cuteness of the noble manatee.
  1. Here's what they look like from the surface.
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    Not much to look at, huh? But now you can see why they get hit by boats so often. They're just grey things below the surface until...
  2. Bam! The cute little about pops out.
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    Look at that little whiskered nose. Don't you just want to kiss it? Me too. But we can't. Because they're protected and all...
  3. And then ...
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    Yes.... Soak that in. You're dying, right? Me too. We can just linger here for a while.
  4. So obviously this was our Christmas card this year.
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