Inspired by @BWN_7
  1. I'm a WAHM
    Work-at-home mom, for those of you who aren't part of this subset.
  2. I love my job, I love my kids.
    I made the right choice in wanting to do both. I know this is a temporary thing. I want to soak in as much of my kids' younger years as possible.
  3. But there is a downside, and that is loneliness.
  4. I try to make it to mommy groups and play dates.
    They're fine but everyone is distracted by their kids.
  5. I try to get the very rare coffee with a friend without the kids.
    I need to do that more often.
  6. But mostly, my interactions with other adults happen through my phone.
    Which I think is valid.
  7. Many of these interactions are with people I know.
    Texting family and friends.
  8. But a lot are also with what I lovingly refer to as my imaginary friends.
  9. And that's... You guys!
  10. The interactions I have through @list are really fulfilling for me.
  11. I often have to stop myself when I'm telling my husband a story about one of you.
    "My friend said..." (Well... My online friend... My List friend? Better than "I read online...")
  12. But screw it. You're my friends.
    And I hope to meet some of you someday. I'm so jealous of all of these meet-ups!
  13. Miami meet-up anyone? 🌴
    First cafecito is on me.