1. I've been laying low with @list, not telling many people IRL about it.
    Like many people, I find it liberating to be able to share somewhat anonymously.
  2. And then today my old marine biologist colleague and good friend sent me this.
  3. Sure enough, there it is on Facebook.
    Blushing at being compared to Neil DeGrasse Tyson!!! @neiltyson
  4. Oh and it made the email too.
    As @marceline pointed out. I'm in the same screen as @mindy ❤️
  5. But DUDE, @bjnovak, it's going viral on Facebook with some big wigs in the marine biology world!
    I'm going to have to change my List handle. But they liked the list (which they are calling an article 😊)
  6. Also, you seem to have committed List faux pas by linking to a List without liking, commenting or sharing it on List. 😉
    Just teasing. Thanks for sharing. I'm flattered.
  7. Also, the comments section on Facebook is full of hilarious trolls hating on my list for being a killjoy.
    These are people who didn't read the whole thing. It's actually funny.
  8. Giphy
  9. Edited to add: also everyone thinks I'm a man???