My son is really into Dinosaur King (think Pokemon with dinosaurs), so lately we have "dinosaur battles" with his toys. You're supposed to fight but call out your moves. I don't really know what I'm doing but I make up for it with my enthusiasm and creativity and he seems to be buying it.
  1. Tail slam!
    This is a legitimate move.
  2. Earthquake shake!
    Hmmm believable.
  3. Tsunami wave blast!
  4. Waterfall!
    This was in response to his water sword.
  5. Ninja sting!
    Sounds cool?
  6. Whirlpool school!
  7. Volcano lava sizzle!
    C'mon, this sounds legit.
  8. IRS taxes!
    I was starting to get bored.
  9. Climate change!
    I was just trying to see what I could get away with at this point.
  10. 💁