1. We've been listening to the Spotify Halloween for kids playlist a lot lately, and one of the highlights is Thriller by the one and only Michael Jackson.
  2. My husband and I are huge horror junkies so we were delighted when our 4-year-old asked if he could see a zombie movie with us.
    He brought us the Day of the Dead DVD from our shelf. We were all "Awwww! Hahahaha but no."
  3. But then we thought maybe the Thriller video would be a good compromise.
    It's a classic, right?
  4. But I think my memory of the video had kind of faded, because what we watched took me by surprise.
  5. Expectation
    Yay! Let's dance along!
  6. Reality
    Holy crap! 😱
  7. About 10 seconds in, I realized I'd made a HUGE mistake.
    My son was captivated but his eyes were wide and his breathing was faster.
  8. It was too late to turn back.
  9. So I remembered my friend, who works in movies and watches a lot of scaryish movies with his little boy.
  10. He said the trick is to teach them how the movies are made.
  11. So I found an awesome making of movie about Thriller that showed all the behind the scenes stuff and the dancers getting into costume and the rehearsals.
  12. I think it helped a lot!
    We laughed and I pointed out the prosthetics and makeup and compared it to his Halloween costumes.
  13. I really hope this helped, because that video is SCARY, y'all!
  14. You've been warned.
    Also this made me giggle. How ridiculous to have to put this caveat at the beginning of the video.
  15. Now go watch it because it's amazing.
  16. And check out the making of video that comes up in searches too.
    MJ was truly an amazing artist and his professionalism really shines through in this video.
  17. Here's the link to the behind-the-scenes: