Thanks for the request, @rearroon! Coincidentally I was just reading the chapter about food in Mary Roach's book "Packing for Mars", and I also just got back from a delicious dinner of ceviche in Lima, Peru. So food is on my mind.
  1. Food is a big part of my life.
    I love to cook it. I love to eat it. I love to find a new restaurant to see what they have.
  2. When I'm hard at work, say, on a research cruise, food becomes even more important.
    This must be even more true when you're floating around in space. It must be a nice break and distraction, and possibly a nice reminder of home.
  3. So here is some of my favorite food that I will likely never get in space.
    Unless they can send a Progress space shuttle to me with a few coolers in it for my birthday in space or something?
  4. Sushi
    Especially salmon.
  5. Other fish and seafood
    My favorite. Especially wild salmon. Sustainably caught fish is my jam.
  6. Cheese
    I think they have processed cheese in space and while that's fun junk food, it is not cheese.
  7. Pho
    My comfort food. There must be a way to make this in space. We can grow the mint in their lab.
  8. Kachkeis
    A Luxembourgish melted cheese that is definitely an acquired taste but is basically baby food to me. Reminds me of home. It is spread on bread with a bit of Luxembourgish mustard. Trust me, it's amazing.
  9. Fruit
    Especially tropical fruit like the ones I grow in my backyard (papaya, mango, passion fruit). I know that they regularly send fruit up to space but it's in short supply.
  10. Freshly baked anything
    I love to bake my own bread because I can't find any good baked stuff in the States.
  11. Chocolate
    I'll probably hoard some in my personal items. Sorry, crew mates. Be nice to me and I'll gift you some.
  12. BBQ
    No fires allowed in space. 🔥
  13. Anything not processed and in pouches
    But any time in space is short lived and I'm sure the novelty of eating space food will but fun for a while. And when it stops being fun, you can always eat your space food next to the window to get the best view off Earth. 🌍