1. Hello! Thanks so much for signing up to @DawnCloud's secret santa! I love this tradition (2 years in a row is a tradition, right?)
    You're so generous for even signing up.
  2. I've written lists about a bunch of stuff from parenting to space, and they can definitely provide some inspiration for you.
  3. But please, nothing expensive.
    I'm definitely an "it's the thought that counts" kind of girl.
  4. I'd love some fun stuff from where you're from.
  5. I have a slight obsession with journals and notebooks.
    So many possibilities!
  6. I love nail art.
    It's my guilty pleasure.
  7. I love anything nerdy, sciencey.
  8. I really love the holidays.
  9. I love anything Jim Henson.
  10. I'm trying to start working full time again so anything that could be useful or inspirational for film production or filming underwater.
    And by that I mean silly things like underwater paper or something, not a scuba tank. :)
  11. I love taking pictures of my boys.
    Last year I got a frame from my secret Santa and it was perfect for our family portrait. I take so many pictures that I really want to find a way to print and delete them from my computer.
  12. I really need new sunglasses.
    Cheap ones seem to last the longest for me!
  13. But these are just to help you out. Feel free to go in a completely different direction.
  14. I'm so, so excited!