I've been using Hoopla for a while now to download movies and TV shows for flights (before Amazon starting letting you do that). But guess what? They have audiobooks (and so much more)!!!! (Edited to add: this was inspired by @Grosstastic because she posted about a sale on Audible but I think I just missed it.)
  1. Guys...
  2. This is a game changer for me.
  3. Check
  4. This
    Read by Jeremy Irons ❤️
  5. Out
  6. I mean...
  7. So awesome.
  8. Even this!
    This saved my life Saturday night after my son had a nightmare and refused to stay in bed. This really calmed him down and put him to sleep.
  9. And this!
    Basically a reading of the script. Lots of Disneys.
  10. And this!
    Can't wait.
  11. Goodbye insomnia.
    Audiobooks really soothe me. Always have. I used to listen to the same ones over and over as a kid.
  12. And they're all free!
  13. Once again the public library system comes through.
  14. But this is the best part.
    I had given up on audiobooks in bed a long time ago because I kept falling asleep and losing my place in the story. Not anymore! 30 minutes seems to work for me.
  15. Also, they have comic books.
  16. Hoopla, I love you.