Pokemon Go is taking over the nation, sending gamers of all ages out into the world to find treasure in the shape of interactive Pokemon characters.
  1. By now you've probably heard of Pokemon Go.
    Most media outlets have some piece about it written by a bemused journalist.
  2. I love the idea that people are out exploring neighborhoods as a byproduct of this game.
    I love spotting them on my street, trying to go unnoticed.
  3. But did you know that there was already an interactive game that utilizes GPS to find treasures all around you?
  4. It's called Geocaching, and the basic premise is that people around the world have hidden treasures in plain sight that anyone with a GPS or smart phone can locate.
    There are similar sites out there but Geocaching is one of the bigger ones.
  5. These treasures range from tiny vials containing nothing but a rolled up sheet of paper to sign to large containers filled with small toys for you to take (and leave one behind).
    People are very creative with their caches.
  6. Some caches are so clever, you've probably walked past them every day of your life without noticing them.
  7. A good cache should never be buried or out of reach. Most are accessible just on foot. There are exceptions like underwater caches that require scuba gear to access.
  8. Once I started geocaching, it blew my mind how many treasures were right around my house.
  9. And it's even more fun to go finding caches when you travel.
  10. Want to get started? Go to or simply download their app. You'll want to register and find nearby caches.
  11. When you look for them, you need to be stealthy so that non-geocachers (known as MUGGLES- yes, really) don't suspect you.
    Unfortunately it's quite common for a cache to "get muggled", i.e. go missing because someone who didn't know what it was found it and stole it. Here's a really funny list about some muggled discovering a cache by @Diplomatic_diva WHY I CALLED THE POLICE
  12. When you find you first cache, sign the logbook, trade a toy if there is one, and hide it again for the next person.
  13. You may also find a "trackable", or small toy or keychain with a code on it that you can take and hide in another cache.
    If you look it up on the geocaching website you'll find information about its owner and the trackable's mission.
  14. I know that there are some geocachers on @list And that makes me so happy.
    I'm looking at you @jessicah @Peppergirl @gayla @puppypunk @val_ker @mexitek @che I'm hoping others will out themselves too. It's a total nerd club. 🤓
  15. I've hidden a cache in a spot near my house that I think will show people a different side of Miami.
    People love it. They write nice things in their logs online and leave cool toys. (This is not my cache but it's similar).
  16. It is the best thing to do with kids if you have them.
    We call it treasure hunting and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  17. But it's truly fun for anyone.
    But by all means, go capture more Pokemons.
  18. One major difference though: Geocachers don't do battle...