You may have heard about this rule when it comes to work, but sometimes it's good to be reminded.
  1. When I started working independently, I was told this rule.
  2. You can have good and fast.
    But then be ready to pay.
  3. You can have good and cheap.
    But then let me take my sweet time.
  4. You can have fast and cheap.
    But don't expect my best work.
  5. The problem is, everyone wants all three.
  6. I have made some exceptions to this rule.
    Always by accepting less money than what I am worth.
  7. Once it was because it was a project close to my heart.
    That's one I don't regret.
  8. But every other time, it ended up with me resenting the client.
    I will never work with any of them again.
  9. The reason I am revisiting this rule, is because someone I respect has offered me a project for very little money, with a lot of work involved and a tight deadline.
    This client is actually the one who I did the project close to my heart referenced above!
  10. They tried to make it sound better by saying they could offer me lots of these projects to make it worth my while.
    Like I'm a big box store who offers bulk work at a discount.
  11. But the thing is, even though I'll get triple the money that way, it's still triple the work!
  12. So I am working up the nerve to tell them no.
    I don't even have any other work lined up! I just don't want to resent them and damage our relationship. Or hate myself for taking on too much for no reward.
  13. Part of me also wonders if they would low ball a man this way.
  14. Or is it just because I am obviously a people pleaser?
  15. My time is valuable.
    Any time I work is time away from my kids.
  16. And it should be compensated accordingly.