1. I found her hiding in the wheel well of my neighbor's car a few weeks ago.
    I'd spotted her in the bushes the day before. The baby kept gesturing to the bushes and whining to go look for his kitten friend.
  2. I texted my husband a photo saying "Meet your new kitten!"
    It was a joke because I fully expected him to say "Hahahah no way." And I would have brought it to the Humane Society or found her a home right away.
  3. But my husband loved her. And so did my baby.
    My baby was actually the one who convinced me to let her stay.
  4. Still I decided we were just fostering this kitten.
    This is a picture I posted on the ad I put on Nextdoor. It was a half hearted post to be honest.
  5. But then we named her and got her a collar.
    The baby named her. Never let your baby name a pet. But Baekdu turns out to be a mountain between China and North Korea and my husband is a geography buff so... It stuck. I knew she was ours.
  6. At first she slept a lot.
    This is how they trick you into keeping them. They keep their crazy playfulness for week 2 or 3.
  7. She loves to nap with me and the baby.
  8. She made herself at home very quickly.
    I'd always heard that cats are easily housebroken but literally on her first day I showed her the litterbox and that was it. Not one accident. I had to potty train my son for a year!
  9. She's tiny compared to our senior citizen cat Coojo.
    He is surprisingly tolerant of her.
  10. Her naps make me jealous.
  11. My husband is smitten with this kitten.
    I get a lil jealous sometimes.
  12. She weighs nothing.
    But she's already doubled in size.
  13. She fits in small spaces.
  14. She is very good with the kids.
    I'm amazed. She acts like she adores them. Maybe she does. Maybe she knows that it's thanks to the baby that she has a home.
  15. She is teaching the boys many valuable lessons and giving them confidence.
    My big boy is so proud when she lets him carry her and both boys are learning to be gentle and respectful if she doesn't feel like playing (which to me is a preschool version of "no means no").
  16. She sleeps next to them whenever she gets a chance.
  17. She forces me to sit still when I have time to myself.
    No more cleaning? Ok. I'll be held hostage.
  18. She can be a pain the the butt.
    Like when she nips at my ankles when I'm pacing the room trying to put the baby asleep.
  19. She's a constant source of amusement.
    Really? That's comfortable?
  20. She's a keeper.