Today is my birthday 🎉
  1. 5 AM- Baby wakes up
    He had a nightmare, poor guy. I put him in the carrier and back to sleep.
  2. 6:45 AM both boys wake up
    We have a bubble bath because, why not?
  3. 7:30 AM presents at breakfast
    Some noise canceling headphones (which I hadn't asked for but I'm sure will be useful) and a face brush (inspired by @aminam). Also a cute dinosaur birthday card.
  4. 8:30 AM baby nap time
    At which point I read all the Facebook birthday wishes. I stopped using Facebook at new year so I have a lot of notifications...
  5. 10:30 AM tea with a friend
    My old college professor, actually. She is lovely. It's nice to get an adult conversation in. She gave me a beautiful necklace from New Zealand, as she collects gifts from around the world to give at a moment's notice.
  6. 12 PM baby nap number 2
    Lovely :)
  7. 1 PM bake cinnamon buns
    Makes the house smell lovely. I made these for my Airbnb guests but I sneak one for myself when it's still piping hot.
  8. 3 PM pick up the older boy from school
    Give him some special iPad time so I can continue taking it easy :) I FaceTime with my sister.
  9. 5 PM Starbucks
    We never go but there's always time for cake pops on my birthday.
  10. 6:30 PM sushi dinner
    It looked something like this.
  11. 7 PM caaaaaaake
  12. 8 PM lying in the dark
    Because both boys are asleep and it's time to unwind.
  13. Not the most exciting birthday, but it had its moments.
    This is the highlight reel, and what I choose to remember from my 37th trip around the sun. 🎂
  14. Edited to add: Watched Ghostbusters with my husband.
    Yasssssss now my day is complete. It was just added to Amazon Prime.