Minus, you know, the kiddie porn and jail time. But I will be shedding some kgs.
  1. I've been playing for a few days now.
    At first just with my son, now sometimes without!
  2. It's obviously super addictive.
    Gotta check if there's a Pokemon around whenever we go somewhere.
  3. But I know that the makers of the game are secretly trying to battle the obesity epidemic.
    Or maybe not so secretly. I'm sure kids are starting to notice their sore feet. My dog certainly has. She is a greyhound and can't stand long walks (she prefers short sprints). Here she is lying in a puddle in protest after a longer morning walk while playing Pokemon Go.
  4. Many of the Pokestops are in public parks or locations that are best walked to.
  5. Many of the Pokemon gyms are at actual gyms.
    This is not a Pokemon gym but it is from Flywheel's Instagram bragging about Pokemons at their location. I know a lot of businesses will be doing this.
  6. To hatch an egg using an incubator, you have to walk a certain number of kilometers.
    Thanks for introducing the metric system to America, Pokemon Go!
  7. You even get medals for walking.
    Woot! I just did a 10k!
  8. So I'm going to be that spokesperson who "lost all the baby weight" while gaming.
    Ugh, I hate that expression and expectation of women who have JUST HAD A BABY.
  9. Unless of course I walk and eat...
    Moms are great multitaskers.
  10. Overall I applaud the makers of the game into tricking us into spending time outside.
    I'll let you know once I get an official sponsorship.
  11. UPDATE: Pokemon servers are down worldwide!
    Maybe this is part of the plan. Everyone is outside ready to play Pokemon and now they've been cut off and have to explore the world for real.