1. I get it. Slugs are slimy. They're basically homeless snails. But hear me out.
  2. Behold the banana slug.
    Not shy with that color, huh? And it can grow to over 7 inches long!
  3. Isn't it beautiful?
    Fun fact: most slugs are hermaphrodites. But they rarely self-fertilize.
  4. But the most beautiful part of it isn't it radiant yellow skin.
    Even though it stops many people in their tracks.
  5. It's its story of symbiosis.
    That's right. This is a love story. 💛
  6. The California banana slug has a symbiotic relationship with the giant redwood tree.
    The slug feeds on any plants competing with the redwood for resources nearby, and the oak tree in turn gives the bright yellow slug shelter.
  7. Isn't their story beautiful?
    Such unlikely friends.
  8. Don't you love redwoods?
    Love slugs for the trees' sake.
  9. Also, the banana slug is the coolest university mascot.
    Seriously, they've won prizes for this from ESPN among others.
  10. Let's let the banana slug be your slug ambassador.
    Put away the salt. Think about what you're doing.
  11. I'll leave you with this.
    If Vincent can rock the Wolf's slug shirt, so can you.