I'm so excited about the List app secret Santa kickstarted by @ChrisK, but now I worry that List history will generate some weird gifts!
  1. I wrote a list about poop!
    I never talk about poop! Like, ever. I'm a lady. I just thought it would be funny to write a list about it.
  2. I have written two lists about celebrities.
    But it's not like I watch ENews or read tabloids. I think of celebrities the same way I think of sharks when I scuba dive: they're rare and cool to watch swim by but don't expect to see one and enjoy the rest of the fish.
  3. I write a lot about kids.
    Because I have two and they're relatively new to my life so I find them interesting. But I only find my own kids interesting. I'm not a preschool teacher.
  4. I don't want to say what I want.
    The appeal of secret Santa is the surprise. I like the idea of something creative and inexpensive. And snail mail!
  5. I'm very excited about this.
    I love Christmas. So much. And I love finding the perfect gift for someone. And in the case of the List App secret Santa gift I will be finding in for someone, I will certainly be going through their lists to find clues for a perfect gift. So don't write about poop.