...and his adenoidectomy and his nasal turbinates shaving down and tubes placement into his ears to drain them! Here's how it went.
  1. He slept so badly the night before.
    Further confirmation that this surgery needed to happen. My husband joked he was almost relieved because if my son suddenly started sleeping well, we would have second guessed ourselves about going through with the procedure.
  2. 6:30 AM - left for the hospital
    Ok it was actually 6:50. We left super late.
  3. 6:50 AM - many, many presents in the car.
    My son especially loved the Jurassic World Indominus Rex dinosaur he got. It roars and lights up and is a little terrifying.
  4. 7:20 AM - checked into patient access
    There was a problem with the payment. Did you know that I pay a hefty premium every month for me and my boys and STILL we had to pay over $6K? Yeah. Our healthcare sucks.
  5. 8:00 AM - went to pre op
    My son got a TON more presents. It was basically Christmas. My mother-in-law brought some slightly impractical gifts like silly string and spray chalk and dinosaur eggs that you can chisel to find toys inside. But I can't get mad because it distracted him.
  6. 8:45 AM - happy juice was given
    He spat up the first one. Apparently it tastes super bitter. They came back with a different flavor and we all had to hold him down to get it in. 😞
  7. 9:15 AM - he was wheeled away
    He was very calm and telling the nurse all about his new dinosaur. She was pointing out butterflies on the ceiling. I kept a surprisingly brave face and just collected his toys to go to the waiting area. My husband started sniffling and that made me tear up. Damn it.
  8. 9:20 AM - my husband takes our younger son for a nap
    The baby wasn't cooperating with grandma so Papi had to take him in the Tula baby carrier to knock him out. It worked.
  9. 9:25 AM - I dive into my phone in the waiting room
    I'm alone, guarding our stuff, since my husband had to walk around with the baby. And so I write this list...
  10. 10:16 AM - my mother offers to help pay for the procedure
    It's so gross to talk money at this time.
  11. 10:23 AM - still waiting
    Having scary thoughts of why it's taking so long and imaginary scenes of how the doctor would break it to me if there had been any complications. I need to keep those thoughts out of my head. My palms are sweating.
  12. 10:33 AM - all went well!
    Just saw the doctor! All went well. He had a lot of liquid in the ears and his adenoids closed up the airway by 90%😢 his tonsils were a mess too. We get to see him in half an hour. The doctor told us about all the meds we have to give him and pain management but to be honest I hardly listened.
  13. 10:43 AM - they come to get me
    I can hear my son sobbing. It's hard to understand what he's saying. He gets into my lap and locks his arms around my neck. The nurses said he was grasping his hands very tightly. No one was going to separate us. He asks for a drink, much to my relief because I think drinking is a condition for release after on.
  14. 11:22 AM - he sleeps on me in the post op room
    He has some blood coming out of his nose but hates it when we try to wipe it away. I have a towel on my shoulder to catch some of the mess.
  15. 12:29 PM - still sleeping.
    He got super cranky when he discovered he had an IV. He got even crankier when they took it out. He tore off the bandaid with bloody, dramatic flair. Then he fell back asleep. Side note: I've needed to pee for about three hours.
  16. 12:57 PM - we are going home!