Like... Where is he?
  1. A lot has been happening on @list lately. But now that the dust is starting to settle, I have to wonder if one of our core members is ok.
    I think he is. I think he's sitting at @list HQ right now with @dev and @bjnovak The last we heard from him he was meeting them there so...
  2. And more importantly... Who will organize The List App Secret Santa this year?
    😳🎅 For those who don't know about this, we all exchanged gifts last year and it was epic. Everyone was assigned someone and we all wrote lists when we opened our gifts and it was such a warm, magical time.
  3. And The List App Secret Valentine?
    Similar idea but no gift or physical cards exchanged. We wrote lists for the person we were assigned.
  4. And the Book-O-Ganza?
    @ChrisK sent us books! This is right before he disappeared.
  5. That shit was hard to pull off.
    Search for these things in the app and you'll see how huge these things were.
  6. I don't want to do it.
    I honestly have no idea how he found the time or how his spreadsheets worked.
  7. But it was such a special thing that @ChrisK did for us.
    Which is likely why he was hired by @list
  8. Please reassure me that these traditions will go on?
    It brought a whole new dimension to @list